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Hi Mary

Just a quick note to thank you for our beautiful Akita puppy "Jeonju" & to let you know how we are getting along.

Jeonju is our first Akita and he's growing into a really handsome dog, with lovely markings and physique. Best of all is his wonderful temperament. He settled in very quickly and is a very healthy and active dog. We are seriously thinking about showing him. The whole family love him to bits and we wouldn't be without him.

I would also like to thank you for the advice and attention you gave us when we inquired about buying a puppy. Keep up the good work.

Love Jane.

Dear Stuart & Mary,

We have only had Kuma for 7 weeks, but we are already extremely pleased with his progress.

He has made himself one of the family and settled in very well . When other people meet him they fall in love with him and remark on his large size and his beautiful thick coat. We intend to start showing him in march 2002 ( for which he is already receiving training ) when he will be 6 months old.

We have been told by a fellow Akita lover that he should do very well.

Kuma is well proportioned, with even colouring and looks extremely noble. He is going to be a lovely big dog. His temperament is very laid back , nothing seems to bother him, be it fireworks or screaming children. He is very loving, friendly and playful.

He is a bit of a 'telly' addict but playing games with his ball is his favourite. His only real bad habits are ripping open the filled dustbin bags scattering the contents all over the garden and digging holes in the garden and driveway.

We can't thank you enough for all your help and support before, during and after purchasing Kuma. Unlike some breeders you are still interested in Kuma's progress and how we are getting on with him. You were very helpful when we had over a week of whining, barking scratching at doors during the night , which was sheer hell. You encouraged us to persevere and reassured us that it wouldn't last too much longer,which, I'm glad to say you were right.

The children and ourselves love seeing him on your web page, maybe if he does well on the show circuit we could see more. Thank you once again for our boy.

Mr & Mrs R Bradley.

Dear Mary and Stuart

I thought I would drop you a line and update you on Oni's progress.

He has definitely become part of the family, in fact, I'm sure he would like to become the head of the family given half the chance!! He is a beautiful boy, big, striking and always draws attention to himself when he takes me for a walk! It always takes twice as long to go for a walk as people are always stopping us and commenting on how lovely he is. Of course Oni loves this attention and now thinks everyone we walk past should stop and stroke him!! He plays dressing up and hide and seek with my 2 children, watches all my favourite programmes with me, he has become my best friend.

It is comforting to know that you are just a phone call/email away if I need help or advice and it is nice to see you are still interested in the progress of your pups.

I am entering Oni in a local dog competition in a couple of weeks at our local pet shop so I will let you know if he wins!!

Thanks again for all your help and hope to see you soon.


Hi Mary & Stuart

When I first thought about owning a dog I didn't know what breed I wanted, but I knew it had to be a Spitz type dog. Then after meeting Mary & Stuart's dogs my mind was made up. Zak stood so proud, Kumo and Sakura greeted you with so much affection and perfect temperaments all round. I knew I had to have a puppy and have named him Kado. What a magnificent dog he is turning out to be. With a lot of time and training he is maturing, although still stubborn. We all know this is why we love Akitas so much.

Kado is now nearly eight months old standing at twenty four inches and weighs six and a half stone. He has just started obedience and show training. He appears in his first show on the 31st January 2002 and fingers crossed he may end up one day being a champion.

I would just like to thank Mary and Stuart for producing such stunning puppies (believe me I've seen other Akita puppies and previous show winners, but I've never seen dogs like Mary and Stuart's). Finally, I would just like to say whenever I am walking Kado you do more talking than walking because of the amount of people who stop to complement your dog, I wish I had a pound for every time.

What other breed gets this sort of attention.

Darren Stone.


Hi Mary and Stuart

Little did Alan and I know after browsing your web pages, that five weeks down the line we would be collecting our own little Akita.

We had done some research on the possibilities of increasing our two little male cavaliers and the likely match with an Akita and were strongly advised to buy a female, who tend to have less dominant natures to the males. We were very grateful for the advice you gave, but more importantly once we had made up our minds to buy a puppy from you, how you sent regular photographs and updates to us.

Although Miya (Miyoshi) has only been with us just over a week, we cannot imagine never having her. She is healthy, strong and a delight to own. Litter training is brilliant and we notice a change in her daily. Our two boys have accepted her without problem, although they’re not too keen on her pulling their tails and tell her as much.

Thank you both for the warm welcome you gave us after our long drive to collect her. It was lovely to meet all the other puppies (I wanted all of them!), but especially to meet your other dogs. Their temperament was amazing and we are left with warm memories of Miya’s background and feel confident that she will bear the same loving qualities as her mother did.

We are not planning to take Miya to dog shows because we have her as a pet but would like to add that everyday is a ‘show’ day and we are now adding a extra few hours to any planned journeys to accommodate those ladies that are insistent on plunging their hands into Alan’s’ jacket asking for a stroke!!!

We will definitely be keeping in touch and again add our thanks for your professionalism.

Kindest regards

Elaine and Alan Halls

Hello Mary and Stuart.

We have owned two Japanese Akitas during the last eighteen years and just love the breed they make really excellent companions.

As recent as October 2003 we had to have our beautiful Japanese Akita Danny put to sleep, my Wife and I were devastated and due to the circumstances of his demise it was a very difficult period for both of us.

I had also said that Danny would be our last pet, but we both felt very emotional and the house was so empty without his presence. To try and mend broken hearts I looked on the websites and discovered your website.

After logging on we were very impressed indeed,

What impressed most was the way that you describe the even temperament of all your dogs, no other breeder that we have purchased from has taken the time or trouble to explain this very important point, the way that you described all your dogs the love and affection really showed, then we came to the photos of all the pups which were magnificent, the adult dogs looked by appearance to be in exceptional condition.

We decided that we had to contact you with the view of purchasing a puppy, we duly visited your establishment and every thing on your website was as described the temperament of the adult dogs was just exceptional

They were so friendly and loving, the temperament of your dogs is really exceptional.

We will continue with photos and regular up dates.

Best Regards,

Peter and Monica Smart.

Update From Peter & Monica 03/06/2004

Hi Mary

MAGNIFICENT RIKO what a beauty I /We feel very proud when out walking him he is such a handsome pup he draws a lot of attention which he just loves, he has his Dams head and eyes and certain ways he looks at you your heart just melts, he has such a beautiful nature it is quite unbelievable when you consider what a lot of people say and think about Akitas but as we have said and know the breed is mis -understood and it is only bad owners that tarnish this lovely breed, Mary every thing that you said about YOUR DOGS has been correct this fellow has certainly done you proud, so much so really I am lost for words in how to describe him except to say he really is MAGNIFICENT.

Best Regards.



The decision was made. We wanted another dog!
But what breed should we get?
I began my research and visited many web sites; most were general dog sites and so were not very specific.
I came across the Akita and was struck by beauty of the breed and decided to investigate further.
We visited many breeder web sites and went to a couple of shows to view the breed first hand………..There was no turning back now!
By pure coincidence, during a web-site journey of discovery, I came across Kumatomo Akitas and was immediately struck by the pictures of the dogs and impressed by the breeders priority for an even temperament.

I made the call to Mary and arranged for my family to go and visit her home.
Everything about the set up impressed. We met each dog one by one and decided to put our names down for a bitch when one became available.

We collected Kuma on Monday 19th January 2004.
She’s the most fantastic dog we could have wished for. She has her moments of course, but then she wouldn’t be an Akita if she didn’t.
It’s a pleasure to take her for walks, if “walks” is the right term. It’s difficult to get more than 50 yards without being stopped and complimented on our dog.

Since the first time we spoke to Mary and Stuart they have been helpful well beyond
expectation. Whether it be by telephone or e-mail, they are only too pleased to offer help and advice. Most importantly, this has continued beyond the sale of Kuma when we have needed it most , although I think I knew that would be the case when we collected her. It seemed to break Mary’s heart letting her go.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Mary and Stuart most sincerely for having the dedication to breed Akita’s of such wonderful temperament and allowing us the privilege of taking one home.

Thank you

Jonathan Lax


Hi Mary

A quick note to let you know how things have been going with our two wonderful dogs. I can’t believe we have had our puppy Boudicca (Boo) for over a year now, the time has flown by. She fitted into our family straight away, a fantastic, intelligent, fearless character.

A few weeks after Boo’s arrival you called to ask if I would consider re-homing a 16-month male Kumatomo long coat Akita. I have to say I was not without my reservations, as you can imagine it sounds like a formidable challenge.

Fortunately Bailey was well looked after by his last owners and being a Kumatomo Akita He has a friendly, laidback attitude to life. The two of them are good company for each other and are great fun to have around. They make me laugh every day; I love the way they speak to me at feeding time!

It was great to see Bailey’s photo on your web site.

Thanks for all you have done. Keep up the good work!



Mark and Sharon Rodhouse


Hi Mary and Stuart.

Kaos has settled in really well, he wasn’t fazed at all by a busy household full of kids and noise. He has definitely got his mum and dads temperament. We are so pleased we got our dog from you, as I know we will have a lifetime of advice and support. The whole family adore him and he adores us. We are looking forward to picking up our next puppy from you. We wouldn’t buy from anywhere but Kumatomo now and we will be recommending you to anyone who is interested in buying an Akita. Thanks for all your help and advice. See you very soon when we come to pick one of China’s babies.

Love Cath and Dwayne.



Just wanted to say a huge thank you for our gorgeous, stunning little 
girl 'Kuma'

After a very long drive to you from Plymouth we were pleased to 
finally meet you face to face!

Your Akitas are simply stunning!

It was great to meet Chaos & Roxy, both of excellent temprements.

Kuma has settled in so well & we could not imagine our lives without 

She has just had her jabs and is now able to go on walks, although we 
never get far as people always stop us & ask what she is, saying she 
looks just like a teddy bear and comment on her gorgeous face, coat & 
after she's licked them to death they say how good her temprement is!

We thought long & hard about getting an Akita and we are so glad we 
found you, your dogs are the most stunning we have ever seen & having 
a lifetime of aftercare etc is just excellent.

Thank you so much.

Emma & John x x x



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